Reliable Interpreted Data

Hydrolog provide a range of services with high-performance equipment and advanced technology that produce reliable and good quality reported data. 

Our HiRAT, Caliper-GR, and Flowmeter probes are a complete bundle for logging that can assist geotechnical works in achieving appropriate levels of safety.

Discontinuities, weak points, internal shear zones, natural or caused fractures, layer orientation, lithology changes can be identified, along with fluid flow regimes, water inflow or outflow from the well, identification of fractures that produce or consume the most water in a well. In short, there are several reports where we can assist your work to have total safety and lower cost.


Our Services give us an adequate knowledge of the aquifer on site and assist the preservation of the good conditions of use and exploitation of this precious asset. Thus, it helps our clients to prevent and clean up contamination of various types and origins that can cause harm to groundwater bodies.

Furthermore, there is the aspect of water security in the study and activity regions, for which we offer as results, interpreted data that helps our clients improve efficiency in water production, considering the layout of underground natural reserves, thus avoiding, for example, premature lowering of aquifer levels due to poorly designed wells.

Slim Logging

The slim logging performed with the High-Resolution Acoustic Televiewer (HiRAT) serves wells with diameters from 3 inches. The technique provides 

Slim logging using the High-Resolution Acoustic Televiewer (HiRAT) is suitable for wells with diameters of 3 inches or more. The technique provides high-resolution acoustic images oriented with the magnetic north of the planet, identifying fractures, foliations, layer directions, top and bottom of rock layers (lithostratigraphy), as well as providing a digitally oriented core log and its features.