Get to know our services:

  • Development of logging programs;
  • Acquisition, registration, and submission of geophysical data in various formats;
  • Quality control of the well logs;
  • Interpretation of well logs and assistance in the analysis of results;
  • Video recording of wells and assistance in their interpretations;
  • Geophysical Log interpretation courses.

Our accurate logging techniques and methods have a unique HIDRO-LOG™ interpretation model. Our geophysical logs meet the international regulatory standard of the American Petroleum Institute (API).

The Warrior Well Logging System is an advanced software and hardware that ensures security, speed and accuracy in the acquisition and processing of geophysical data for applications in open and cased wells.

All functions are digitally controlled from the software. The panel incorporates data acquisition functions mainly recorded in DSP, which interface with the computer for real-time acquisition and processing.

We also verify operating conditions, maintenance, and recovery of built units. Thus, Hydrolog is effective in identifying problems that prevent contamination, obstructions, corrosion and well casing rupture.

Where we already operate

Warrior Well Logging

30 years of experience in the Geophysical Profiling market


Provide services that help our clients optimize water production of wells in optimal conditions, ensuring more quality and efficiency in the water withdrawal, with less environment impact on aquifers.


To be recognized as the most competent company in Water Well Logging and Video Recording in the country, with a focus on the sustainable solutions we provide in the business segment.



To fulfill the company’s mission, we cultivate the following practices, beliefs, and values:
Quality: We are committed to understanding the needs of our clients and exceeding their expectations, with professional excellence and high technical quality.
ETHICS: We want to promote and keep with our clients and employees, an atmosphere of honesty, transparency, and partnership.
TECHNOLOGY: We seek to use high performance computerized tools and train our teams to work with quality in our services.
SUSTAINABILITY: We offer products that provide the best solutions for wells with the least impact on environment.


One of the passages that illustrate the importance of the services provided by Hydrolog occurred in the interior of Brazilian state Bahia, in the 1990s.

The company was urgently requested to save the water production from a well in the region that would supply a village called Sítio do Quinto, region of the caatinga (a.k.a Sertão).

Through the logging techniques, Hydrolog performed the reports about the well, recently drilled at 300 meters, and identified the presence of salinized water in the deepest area of the well.

Based on this finding, the drilling company isolated the range between 200m and 300m, preventing the production of water from this section. This made it possible to produce potable water using only the interval above 200 meters.