It is a technique that provides a kind of endoscopy in the well, allowing for precise video recording of up to one thousand meters deep.

Through high-resolution cameras and special lighting, we continuously record the interior of the well, identifying anomalies such as casing breaks, infiltrations, and oxidations. 

The Hydrolog mobile video recording unit features high-resolution optical logging equipment and computerized image capture. The image can be paused or zoomed for insertion into the operational report to be submitted. Recordings are also available to the client.

Before / After at the same depth

Open Hole Video Inspection

Video recording in open wells assists geologists and geophysicists in their petrophysical studies, allowing them to clarify uncertainties, for example, about poorly known aquifers, providing a clear view of rock fracturing systems or caves. The technique also allows for visual inspection of variations in wells diameters, in addition to their collapses and obstructions.

Cased Hole Video Inspection

With high-resolution recording, it is possible to verify the water level, the actual depth, and the integrity of the various production column elements, such as the degree of cleanliness of the filters.

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